Post Birthday Beauty Haul

I recently had my 25th birthday (this sounds extremely strange for me to say now, it's going to take some getting used to) and I decided to go out and do a little bit of shopping so I have decided to show you what I have bought.

It is only going to be a small haul

Told you it's only going to be small :) 

First I will start with these, now personally I have never tried "Philosophy" products but I do see a lot of people talk about them, so when I saw these on sale in Boots I thought I might as well give them a shot, these are the: Shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. a 480ml bottle is normally £14 but I managed to snap these up for £3 each. When I first smelled these in store I was debating between which one to go for but I thought for £3 I might as well get both. Considering the size of these I can see them lasting me quite a while. 

Something I hear a lot lately is "Oh I love your hair, how did you do it?" well the answer is partly here, since November I have been sporting a pastel pink tone to my hair, to keep the colour in I have been adding more dye every other time I wash my hair. 
The dye I have been using is by Bleach London in the colour "Rose" I mix this with my conditioner and run it through the lengths of my hair so it is a light pastel pink then I apply it to the ends of my hair so the ends are slightly brighter. Unfortunately the other morning I realised I was seriously running low on "Rose" so I knew I had to go get some more. While I was at Boots I started debating on what other colour to mix it with- I currently mix it with "Awkward Peach" so I knew I wanted to stay in the pink/red tones, in the end I decided to get "The Big Pink" as well. These cost £5 each  for a 150ml bottle. 

I think I must be the only person on the internet who hasn't used the Soap & Glory skin care range, I see so many people talking about how amazing it is but then I look at the price and I always have that "well that is quite a bit of money to waste if you don't like it" thought. Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and I bought a travel size of  "Flake Away" at least £2.50 isn't as much if I don't like it, and hey if I do then I can go out and purchase the full size :) 

Does anyone else think Mascara is awkward to buy? I mean it's always risky really, some mascaras have these amazing promises to make your lashes long, voluminous and curled, but then you try them and nothing happens. I try to not be drawn in by these "promises" any more, but sometimes I can't help it, and this was one of those times. The Miss Manga mascara is currently on offer at Boots and Superdrug for £5.99 as opposed to £8.99- I believe this offer ends soon at Superdrug. I have tested this mascara briefly and it did make my lashes look quite long, I need to test it out properly soon. 

On a whim I decided to pick up another Eyeshadow pencil by "Collection" I got this in the colour "Gunmetal Glitz" as I think this would be a good base under a dark smoky eye. This is currently on offer at £2.50 in Boots. 

And last for now: 
I am very late on the bandwagon for this, I'm sure everyone will know of *that* Holographic Chanel Nail varnish. Well I finally managed to get my hands on the quite well talked about High street dupe of it. Now I have been looking for this since before Christmas and I haven't seen it anywhere, yesterday before work I nipped into Superdrug just to see if they had filled their MUA stand yet (nope it hasn't been updated in quite some time- since last year I think) as I looked off to the side in annoyance the GOSH stand caught my eye, what did I find but 3 bottles of the "Holographic Hero" I only actually needed two but I will admit that I almost got the 3rd bottle as well. The best part is, they had gone down from £3.99 to £1.99 so even buying two was still cheaper than buying one at full price. 
I can't wait to try it out properly- I did test it on one nail before work so I can at least say it dries quickly :) 

And finally the last item I bought was something I had to go collect from Doncaster today.

Again this is another item I am late getting on the band wagon about but I have been debating for a while whether to get it or not and when I finally reached the decision that Yes I do want it, my local Waterstones didn't have any in stock, luckily for me my mum drove me to Doncaster to go pick it up. This book does retail at £16.99 but if you reserve it online you only pay £12.79 at the moment.

Hope you liked this haul, Sorry for my little rambles here and there. 

Thank you for reading