What my friends got me for Christmas

Normally in the past I have been a little unsure of these "what I got for christmas" posts because I don't really like the idea of bragging. This year I have decided I would share what my two closest friends got me- we gave each other a budget of around £10-£15.
Most of the presents grouped together minus one.

First off I will share the gifts from a former work colleague, as she knows of my love of hot chocolate she got me two types ready to stir Hot Chocolate on a spoon, one has little bits of fudge attached to the chocolate and the other has mini marshmallows attached. She also got me a Doctor Who phone case, which I find quite amusing as I had been thinking about getting a new case soon anyway and I used to have the image on the phone case as my old laptop background, the phone case also has card slots on the inside which is brilliant if you need to nip to the shop but you don't want to have to take everything with you. 

My other friend got me some equally awesome gifts, first she got me some novelty sunglasses with cat ears and whiskers attached (it's easier to see in the top picture), a set of 4 nail varnishes- red, gold, purple and shimmery black, Apple scented body wash in a cupcake shaped bottle, a cup that says "Keep Calm and eat a cupcake" (with my obsession with cupcakes and cups this was a perfect present) and finally a mini Harry Styles cut out- naturally I may have happily tweeted saying that my friend bought me Harry Styles and attached a picture of the cut out :) 

I actually consider myself very lucky to have these two girls as friends, even though I have only known one for just over a year and the other a few months less they both know me very well and even put up with my weirdness :) 


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