Primark Haul

It's that time again, Yes PAYDAY!
Now a few weeks ago I had a complete wardrobe clear out and got rid of 4 bags of clothes, you read that correctly 4 so I did plan on buying myself a few new items, especially after my friend pointed out that I never seem to wear jeans I knew I would be after a pair of black skinny jeans.
To justify buying new clothes I had the excuse of "but I am going out straight after work and I didn't have time to get any clothes prepared for it" (this isn't actually a lie, I got home the night before after 10pm completely frozen after waiting an hour for my bus to turn up and then that morning I was out of the house before 6am, I mean that makes it ok right?)

Now onto the haul.

I will start off with the necessary purchases first:

Basic Black Skinny jeans £7.00 

Couture not War top £6.00, This is extremely sheer so I recommend a top underneath

Black Flatform Pumps £6.00 

Pack of 2 Tweezers £1.00 

Small double pocket shoulder Bag £6.00 

Basic White T-shirt £4.00
Clueless Pyjama top £5.00 

I had to restrict myself to what I really needed, granted there are some items that I didn't exactly need, like the shoes but I do know that I will wear them so it's not really money wasted. 

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this haul :)



  1. Hahah love the clueless top! xx

    1. The great thing about it is that it is long enough that if people came over I could throw on leggings or jeans it wouldn't look like I'm wearing pyjamas lol xx


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