Weekend Look Book Vol 3

I have to apologise for the lack of "week in make up" post yesterday, due to numerous early mornings this week I didn't have suitable lighting or time to get pictures, also because of the early starts my make up has been very minimal- think (Naked 3 palette) Strange, Limit and Nooner with the odd additional colour through the crease.

Now I have my apology out of the way we can go onto my weekend Look Book.

Saturday was an extremely relaxed day, in fact I didn't actually get dressed until around 11am which for me is quite late, I did do a full face of make up just in case I went out but I did keep it minimal- Strange, Limit and Nooner with black eyeliner and mascara. My outfit consisted of 
 Blondie print Jumper: £12 Primark
Grey super skinny jeans: roughly £10 Primark 
Slipper Boots: unfortunately I don't know the price of these or where they were bought as they were a present. 

I think Sundays might be my more productive day of the weekend, especially for the past few weekends. 
Today I went Ice Skating so I wanted to go for something comfy, casual and still stylish
Unfortunately I couldn't actually get any pictures of todays events- although they would have been interesting if I had, I will just say that even though I might like Ice Skating I'm by no means a pro. 
My outfit consisted of
Ramones tee: £3.00 Primark (On sale)
Grey Skinny Jeans from last weeks post
Cut out ankle boots (Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane inspired) £34.99 Garage shoes
Denim jacket- £18 Primark 
My make up was the same as Saturday's only with thicker eye liner. 

What have you guys been up to this weekend? 

Thank you for reading.