Company April 2014

I'm sure people will already know about this, but in case you don't already buy it, the April issue of Company is out with the lovely Zoella on the cover and a free mascara- truthfully I am usually a big sceptical of the make up free with Company as I'm not a big fan of the Mascara/Eyeliner duo that is often a free gift, but this is one magazine I buy despite there being a freebie or not. 

Now I have seen a couple people write silly comments such as "but who is she? why is she even on the cover?" well if you actually read Company I'm sure you will have noticed it is one of the only fashion magazines out there that does do a lot of features on Bloggers and Vloggers so why not? Yes it would probably be a bit strange if we saw her on the cover of say "Glamour". 

Just random, but am I alone in  wanting to see Company do a feature on fashion around the UK as each city has different trends and styles, it's just something that interests me, this could then be expanded to different countries (I know a month or so back there was an issue that was very French themed)

Have you bought this months issue and what did you think of it? If you aren't a regular buyer of the magazine would you buy it in the future?

Although I'm sure you already follow her, Zoe's blog can be found here and her Youtube channel here

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  1. I have only started to get into Company magazine lately, I have only bought the last 2 issues but I have to say I love it more than any other mags! (It was the Paris themed issue that drew me to it) I used to buy Look and I like it also but I like how Company give 'normal people' a voice and they don't just talk about celebs! I adore Zoella, I'm heading to the town to purchase this one today!


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