DIY: Brush Cleanser

So this is a little bit different to my usual posts but I thought I would share a quick and simple brush cleanser, this is ideal for spot cleaning your brushes on a day to day basis after you have finished using them- although I would still recommend a deep clean once a week/fortnight depending on how much you use your brushes.

Equipment needed for this is so straight forward and you will most likely have them in your house anyway:

White Conditioner: this isn't essential but I find that it keeps my brushes nice and soft
Surgical Spirit/Rubbing alcohol: You might not have this in the house but you can purchase it at most larger Boots Stores
Hand wash or shampoo whatever you choose to use
Spray bottle: these can be picked up in travel container sets for as little as £1 if you need to buy one. 

So let's get started:
First we take the spray bottle and hand wash/shampoo, I would pour a reasonable amount into the spray bottle, maybe about an inch or so deep.

Next we pour some surgical spirit into the spray bottle, you want to leave an inch to 2 inch gap at the top of the spray bottle.

You can stop there if you want, but I like to add conditioner just to keep my brushes soft, I did add a bit too much conditioner to this mix but in my eyes that just means even softer bristles :) 

Now all that's left to do is put the lid back on, give it all a shake to mix everything together and you are good to go. 
It doesn't look as nice as cleansers that can be bought in shops but it costs a fraction of the price and is a brilliant solution when you have just run out of your normal cleanser and you haven't been able to restock. 

So let's put it to the test. 

They don't look particularly bad here as I did do a once over with some Micellar water this morning, but they could be cleaner.

Spray some of the mix onto a cotton pad, you don't need to use a lot 2 sprays should be enough.

Swirl the brush on the cotton pad to remove the product build up, 

As you can see above there was still a lot of product left on the brushes, now they are as good as new, the best thing about spot cleaning like this is that they don't take too long to dry at all :)

So there you have it, a quick and affordable brush cleanser :) if you decide to give this DIY a go let me know what you think of it

I hope you liked this post.

Thank you for reading.