Bleach London, Super Cool Colour Collection

It is no secret that I like to colour my hair quite a lot, up until last year I used to use Directions but then I switched over to Bleach London, I won't lie I was sucked in by the packaging- simple and grungey yet eye-catching, checking out their website and Instagram has made me slightly more obsessed with the range.

There are 12 colours available on their webstore and in Boots although I have a feeling that if you went into the salon there may be more selection.

Out of the 12 colours available I have
Awkward Peach
Parma Violets 
Rose (this is my second bottle of this)
The Big Pink
at £5.00 for a 150ml bottle it's not a bad price (especially if you manage to get it on the 3 for 2 offer at Boots) you do get more product than you would with Directions and you aren't paying much more for it. 

Of course I had to add their Washing Out Liquid to this collection 
£5.00 for 200ml
After using this you really need to follow up with either the Reincarnation Mask (reviewed here) or another deep treatment because your hair will feel SO dry. 

Along with the 5 colours and Washing out Liquid I have a box of the Total Bleaching Kit, White Toner and the Swamp Spritz, at some point I plan on gradually adding to my collection, and I do hope they expand on the colours available on the high street. 

Have you used any of the Bleach London products before, if yes what did you think of them and if not do you think you would consider using any?

Hope you liked this post 

Thank you for reading.