Weekend Look Book Vol 15

Instead of starting with a huge ramble-fest I will get right on into this weekends outfits :)

Denim Jacket: £18.00 Primark
Black Cami: £12.00 Next
Black Mini skirt: £3.99 H&M 
Black Tights: £3.00 Primark
White Ankle Socks: £1.50 Primark
Fluffy Flatforms: Price unknown Internacionale 

I wanted to go for something kind of casual as I didn't have any set plans other than to take my ankle boots to the cobblers to get them repaired, and go pick up a new vacuum cleaner, while we were out my mum suggested going to Birkin again and I am not going to say no to that, not only do you have lovely customer service but you have some lovely scenery as well, very ideal for photos ;)

Jacket: £25.00 Primark
White mesh sleeve top: £6.00 Primark
Black Skinny Jeans: £7.00 Primark
Boots: Price unknown Peacocks

It was bound to happen again soon, it really is too easy to dress from top to bottom in Primark.
I actually had a pretty chilled out Sunday which is never a bad thing, in fact I only went out to see my Grandma and have her puppy try to lick me to death- side note, it would seem that said puppy has yet to learn what "Selfie time" is as she tried to put her nose in my eye, I might just stick to "selfie time" with my nephew if my sister allows it. 

Pictures were taken by my mum on my Canon 1100D (my mum just wanted a shout out since I keep borrowing her and asking her to take pictures for me)

Edited on Instagram using the Hudson Filter and then put together as a "Collage" using Pixlr Express.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :D

Thank you for reading.