10 "problems" people with pale skin may have

I am quite fair skinned, now this doesn't bother me #palebuthappy, but what does bother me is some of the comments I receive, and the fact that high street make up brands still haven't realised that some people are very fair skinned- now I know this also applies to those at the other end of the colour spectrum, *sigh* I live in hope that one day this will change and they will cater for everyone.

So I thought I would compile a list of comments and "problems" I have found being the skin colour I am, I'm sure other people may be able to relate to some of them.

1. "Ivory" foundation is still quite often very orange toned, especially when it comes to high street/drugstore brands.
2. "natural" colour tights are also too tanned looking, not great when the rest of your body is white
3. The "why are you so pale?" question. Did we not watch "Mean Girls?" no but seriously, I'm pale because that's the way I am.
4. The "have you ever heard of fake tan?" question, Yes I have but I quite like being pale.
5. "Well it looks ok, but it would look better if you had a tan, so maybe you should just wear trousers or tights if you honestly want to wear a skirt" ok I admit having a tan does sometimes make your legs look "nicer" but I'm not going to go out and buy fake tan just for the sake of it.
6. It's often hard to find a good nude lipstick without it completely washing you out- It is because of this that I actually feel more comfortable wearing a bright red as opposed to a neutral colour.
7. For a decent colour matched foundation you are looking more towards the high end brands as they have a wider variety of colours.
8. Summer- need I say more, I mean we either burn to a crisp or we have to lather on the Factor 50+
9. "Can I see how tanned I am compared to you?", it's funny once or twice but when it's after every single holiday it's pretty tiresome.
10. "Didn't you just go on Holiday? did you stay indoors all the time?"

Now I love being fair skinned, sure it has a few downfalls but I have found that aside from Yellow I can still wear a lot of colours- and get away with quite a few hair colours, I haven't tried green though, I have a feeling that could make me look slightly ill.

For reference I would be about NC10/NC15 in MAC foundations.

If you are also fair skinned what "problems" have you come across?

Thank you for reading.