Real Techniques: Bold Metal Collection, are they too expensive?

So I'm sure by now everybody has heard about the new addition to the Real Techniques make-up brushes. 

I am going to state that I don't have any of the brushes so this is not a review, this is just my opinion on the pricing.

The Bold Metal Collection consists of 7 brushes- Sam & Nic have actually uploaded a video on YouTube showing and explaining the brushes with a quick price overview. 

Now when I first saw the "teaser" pictures on Instagram I saw comment after comment stating that they were expensive in comparison to the rest of the line, personally I was starting to expect around £40 a brush so when I saw them on the Boots website I was pleasantly suprised, yes they are more expensive than the original collection, but really they aren't THAT much more expensive, the least expensive is £10.00 and the most expensive is £25.00, yet in the standard line (without counting the sets) the most expensive is £13.99. 
I can imagine that a set of them might set you back quite a bit so you would have to see it as an investment so I can see where Sam & Nic are coming from when they say they are mainly targeted towards Make-up Artists. 

Will I be buying any of the collection? now I'm not a make-up artist so do I really need them? no probably not, but do I want them? yes, definitely, I love the Real Techniques brushes that I already own, so even if I treat myself to one a month then that is something I would happily do. 

The Bold Metal Collection is exclusive to Ulta in the USA and Boots in the UK 

Do you think the new collection is over priced or do you think they would be worth it? 

Thank you for reading. 



  1. Hmmm Im debating whether to get a few ! xx

    1. I know the price is quite daunting when you look at the standard range, I can see why some people would decide to not get them based on that- but then again even this new range is more affordable than some brushes out there. I am going to wait for them to (hopefully) come to my local Boots store before I make a decision, but I might end up caving and buying myself one every now and then. xx


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