Lush Collection

This post has been a long time coming, in fact I filmed, edited and uploaded the corresponding video a month ago so I don't even know what has taken me so long in actually doing the blog post, well other than procrastinating.

Personally even though I am quite a fan of Lush, I just don't really go in very often, as someone who suffers with Migraines I do find that the scent can be so over powering at times so I have to prepare myself for going in, I make sure I know what the current collections are and decide what I want to buy from them and then pick up a few items from the standard collection.

So even though there is the video above here is the month late blog post :)

Like in the video I won't be going in any particular order, some of the products will be unavailable at the moment as they are only available at certain times in the year.

Cinders Ball Ballistic, unfortunately I can't remember the price of this off the top of my head but it is less than £3.00, this is one of my favourite bath ballistics, I am so obsessed with the scent of it, it's quite spicy- definitely one for the fall, but also relaxing. Normally this bath ballistic is a brighter yellow but it does lose it's colour if it is left for a while. 

The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, I don't typically buy Bubble Bars very often, but given my slight obsession with Unicorns (don't worry I'm not on the same level as Harmony- yes that is a BtVS reference for anyone who picked up on it) I just had to have it, I do hope this does come out in the permanent collection at some point because it looks and smells amazing.

Dragons Egg Bath Ballistic £3.35, now this one looks pretty boring, just plain white right? well not on the inside, it definite packs a punch, it has a very distinctive citrus scent so it will be amazing on those mornings when you need help waking up and coffee isn't working. Because of the size of it this one could also be split into two ;)

Think Pink £2.65, this has a relaxing sweet vanilla fragrance to it so I would use this after a long day when I just want to relax, Also this turns your bath water into a pink colour with rice paper hearts floating around you. 

Phoenix Rising £3.35, this one was actually a gift from my brother at Christmas, this has quite a strong cinnamon scent to it so if you love cinnamon like I do then this would be great, according to the Lush website this is very hydrating so this would probably be good if you have been to a weekend long music festival such as Reading or Leeds fest- we all know what that does to the skin. 

Rose Queen £2.75 I don't typically go for rose scents, but because this is only light and infused with other light floral scents it's not too over powering, you might be able to see that there are flowers inside the bath ballistic so as it fizzes not only does it turn your bath water pink, you also end up with flower petals floating around you as you enjoy a nice soak in the bath. 

Space Girl £2.35. now this is one I am apprehensive about using because of all the glitter on top, I do worry about bath bombs staining my bath in general and this is top of the list because of the glitter. Although I will have to get over that apprehension soon because the scent of this makes me want to use it, sweet and fruity with grapefruit oil to wake up the senses and clarify and tone the skin. 

The Butter Bear, this is basically the exact same as the butter ball but in the shape of a bear, according to the Lush website the Ylang Ylang in this is often used to treat stress and depression and relaxing the nervous system as well as relieving anger, panic and fear. So if you have had quite a stressful day then this is one to go for, the Shea butter is amazing on the skin so that's a bonus. 

So there you have it, that is my current Lush Collection, I do want to add more to it, but I need to have a look to see if there are any different products out, I have a feeling I may have missed the Easter collection. 
If you have any suggestions from the permanent collection then please do leave them in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading.