My week with minimal makeup

To many people this isn't a big deal, so this post will probably be irrelevant to them.
This starts out a little gross sorry.
Ok so last Monday I noticed that one of my eyes was extremely red, my eyelid was swollen and my eye was producing more "mucus" than normal so naturally I took my makeup off as soon as I got home.
I did a quick google search to see what it could be (I didn't want to go too in depth- we know what happens when we google symptoms of anything) my google search didn't really give me much information, my mum thought it was just allergies but I wasn't convinced so I got her to take me to my nearest Asda so I could talk to someone at the pharmacy there.
The man there told me that it sounded like I had somehow got bacterial conjunctivitis so I bought some antibiotic gel stuff, although I didn't want to use it until I had been to the Doctors to make sure it was what we thought it was.
Skip to the next day, I managed to get a Doctors appointment (and had to miss work) and found out yes it was conjunctivitis so I could use the Antibiotic gel I had bought as they would have just prescribed me it (also can I just say £8,20 for a prescription?!?!)
I had to use the antibiotic gel for a course of 5 days so of course I knew I couldn't wear full makeup during that time as I was trying to get rid of an infection.
(Minimal makeup, no filter)
There we have myself with no eye makeup on, on the tuesday, as you can see I have extremely fair eyelashes so I pretty much rely on mascara just to bring out my eyes a little, luckily I have some disposable mascara wands so I was able to use those to wear mascara when I went back into work for the rest of the week. 
I will admit I felt extremely self concious all week, I didn't feel like myself at all, Some people said I looked just as good without it and I don't need to wear so much makeup, but I honestly felt like I wasn't really me. I had the rest of my makeup on, but I am definitely a liner girl so not wearing it all week was such a change for me. 
Also I think you can tell I don't get much sleep when I don't have the makeup on, which I know sounds so odd- you would think it would be the other way round, but nope. 

Luckily my eye has now cleared up and I am able to wear full eye makeup again. 

Don't get me wrong I don't wear makeup EVERY single day, but if I am going out then I will do. I think people need to be less judgemental towards people who wear makeup though, it's not always because it's what society expects from women. Sometimes it's because the individual may just feel more confident in themselves with it on. Now if I was just hanging out at home with friends then it wouldn't bother me so much, but seriously without anything to define my eyes they just look blank- the curse of having ginger hair, if I had naturally dark lashes I would be fine. 

Would I ever go minimal again? maybe, sometimes I do wear less, like sometimes I don't wear top liner but I wear a bit in my waterline, but it won't be as minimal as it was last week. 

I would like to point out that I have no problem with people who don't wear makeup, I do however have a problem with people who don't wear it and think they are somehow better than people who do wear it. It's all personal choice, some people like wearing it some people don't it doesn't make you better if you do one or the other.