Part-time Blogging

I have seen a few of these posts but they are at the other end of the spectrum and about being a full-time blogger.
Don't get me wrong I have a lot of respect for those who do this full time but I don't see many people discussing what it is like being a part time blogger. Sit down with a cup of tea (or 5 because this is going to get wordy)

It sounds really easy I guess because it's not your job, it's just a hobby right? Why would a part time blogger find it hard?

Obviously for full time bloggers this is their job, it's a source of income for them and with no blog post that means no income so yes they have to be on top of the ball making sure they are putting out what they need to to make ends meet, so I can see why it would be stressful for them.

The main piece of advice I hear is "consistency" have a set day and time to upload posts, and I have tried that, I have found that during the week it is hard because I work a 12-4 shift, but I have to be out of my house for just after 9am as my buses have a habit of not turning up and I have an hour journey into town, so then I'm not getting home until after 5pm. Sounds all well and good because surely I can get a post up in the evening, and I can if it's just a text post with no pictures- nobody likes pictures shot in bad lighting now do they? And this is all on a normal day, some mornings I look after my nephew so I am out of the house at 6:40am.
I tried to schedule myself to weekends but now I find myself looking after my nephew on a weekend, occasionally I can get posts written if he is down for a nap, but most often than not I don't get the chance, not that I would ever complain about looking after him, I love spending time with him (until he starts pulling my hair, I don't enjoy that so much) obviously I don't look after him all day, some weekends it's just the mornings, others it's the evenings sometimes it's a split shift so I do the morning and then look after him again in the evening, on days like that I *try* to go to the gym if possible.  So how do I remain consistent and have a day and time to upload my posts? Or do I just scrap the idea of a set time and just try to aim for a Friday evening (for example)? I know that having a general time frame can be good as people know when to expect a post but spontaneous posting can also be good too right?

As part time bloggers it is harder to get noticed, in a way this is good for us, as any review put out there is more likely to be honest because we have paid for the products. Is there some jealousy towards other bloggers who get to go to fancy events? to some extent of course there is because you see what they are achieving and you would love to reach that yourself, is it negative jealousy? not for myself no, I look at what other bloggers are doing and even though I might be slightly jealous I am also incredibly happy for them because they are doing something they enjoy and they are being recognized for it.

What do you do when you see your posts aren't generating much traffic? of course it is disheartening to see that something you think you worked hard on is falling on deaf ears, but we need to remember that for every product out there, there are probably hundreds of reviews already, if I were to review something that say EssieButton had already reviewed, her review would pop up in a search engine WAAAY before mine would and because people know of her and trust her they will read her review first. Does this mean I should stop? no, it just means I need to work harder, change things up to add a little flair to my blog posts, add more pictures, play around with the placement of products in the pictures in order to make people want to read more.
I have tried blogging and vlogging in the past and this is where I went wrong, I didn't expect hundreds of views over night, but I gave up because I didn't feel like it was "going anywhere" did I even know where I wanted it to "go" ? not a chance.

Where do I want blogging and vlogging to take me now? I'm not 100% sure, of course I would like more views and feedback over time, do I want a Zoella level of fame? I doubt it, I'm not sure how she copes, like Zoe I also suffer with anxiety and I don't think I would be able to cope with what she does on a daily basis.
I have always wanted to work in the media in some way and I do have a love for fashion and beauty so even if this was always a part time thing for me I think I would be happy, as long as I am happy with what I am putting out there and if other people enjoy it too then that is great.

I hope you have liked reading this post, I know it is different from what I have done in the past I have just had it on my mind lately, I would like to hear from other part time bloggers though so if you have any opinions on it then please do leave them in the comments below.