So you're 20+ it's ok to....

  1. Still watch Disney movies. You are NEVER too old for a good (or cheesy) Disney movie.
  2. Still watch the Disney Channel sometimes (hey if you have children or look after children it is bound to happen- it's not your fault if you get hooked on the new shows) 
  3. Still like boybands, since when did music have an age limit? in your 30's and like One Direction? then go you! it's just music. 
  4. Have celebrity crushes, these never end so just go with it.
  5. Still be a virgin, don't ever feel like you have to have sex because everyone else has, so what if you want to wait, that's up to you. 
  6. Have had multiple sexual partners, if it's all been consensual and safe then is it anyone's business how many/how few sexual partners you have had? nope not at all. 
  7. Still live at home with the parents, I mean sure it's not ideal, but given the fact that most people can't afford to get on the property ladder these days as most jobs are part time and zero hour contracts you can't even afford to rent. Maybe staying at home with the parents and attempting to save will be best for now. 
  8. Not be driving yet, my mum tried to put pressure on my brother and myself to be driving at 17 even though at the time I had no desire nor need to as I seriously lacked a social life. People will learn to drive when they feel ready to.
  9. Be enjoying the single life, take some "me time" and enjoy being single for a while. 
  10. Be in a committed relationship, relationships are between the people involved in them, not people on the outside, so if any single folks are trying to tell your taken friends that they would be better off being single as they would have more fun, please stop. The only time to get involved is if a friend comes to you with troubles and you give them advice. 
  11. Binge watch tv shows on Netflix, sometimes a duvet day is totally called for. 
  12. Have a nap, come on sometimes the heat makes us sleepy, might as well have a nap and wake up feeling slightly better. 
  13. Skip nights out at the club for a night in with a book (or laptop)
  14. prefer the idea of a cup of tea to alcohol. 
  15. Not really know what you want to do with your life. I mean think about it, we are expected to know what career we want to get into when we are at school, sorry but 15 year old me is vastly different to the me today, of course there are basic similarities, I still have the same music and film taste, but I have still changed, I have only recently realised that I like this blogging thing and I would love it if I could progress with it- back when I was at school 10 years ago blogging wasn't even heard of. 

If you have any suggestions to add please leave them in the comments below :)