An "Open Letter" to High Street Fashion Stores

Ok, so I don't know how to really start this so I'm just going to jump right on in.

High street fashion retailers need to understand that there is a HUGE (pun is intended) demographic that they are ignoring when it comes to lingerie.
Actually for that matter, not only are they ignoring those of us with larger busts, but they are also ignoring those with smaller busts, yeah sure you can pick up an A cup, but they generally come with a ridiculous amount of padding- not really good when young women are coming bra shopping and instead of finding something age appropriate they have bra's designed to give them extra cleavage thrown in their faces.

Now for me the problem is at the opposite end of the spectrum, I need to buy my bra's from Bravissimo as they are the only place that I can get bra's in my size, and as anyone who shops at Bravissimo knows they aren't exactly affordable.
Don't get me wrong I do understand why, the bra's are amazing quality, and then the service received in store is wonderful- they even offer you a drink while you wait to be fitted, yes it's only water but still.

This might seem like I am singling out primark- I'm not, it's just that they are the only other store I have really looked at in regards to lingerie, although I have looked at other stores in passing, so it's more of a generalisation and I can imagine other companies would use the same reason for why they don't make bigger sizes.
And that reason is that they would have to put more money into the production of bra's in larger sizes- which is understandable, more support is needed so I can see where they are coming from in that respect, So they go with the most common sizes, the only problem with this logic is- they are the most common sizes they are USED TO, if they started selling bra's in varying sizes (back sizes included) then they would end up making MORE money as more people would be able to shop there,

This could potentially have a negative impact on companies like Bravissimo or other boutique companies- which I wouldn't want, but if high street stores could at least stock "basics" in varying sizes, chances are people would still shop at Bravissimo for the experience and something a little more special. I know that whenever I go into Bravissimo I prefer to spend that bit extra and get something more fun rather than a sensible plain black bra for work (so now people at work do get to see my lovely Hot pink bra strap through the lace on the shoulder of my work shirt)

See I'm not expecting high street retailers to jump on board with designs like the one above, but if they at least ventured into everyday bra's in sensible colours then they would probably end up making even more of a profit as people would know that "hey I can get a backup bra from *insert shop name here* without it costing around £30" I mean if I had the misfortune of my bra somehow breaking at work I would demand to go home- there is no way I would stay at work without one, I just wouldn't feel comfortable.

What do you guys think? am I alone in this?

opinions and comments would be appreciated