Thoughts on "Lovoo"

I'm not sure if this is an actual dating app or not.

I downloaded this app after seeing it mentioned on Eleanor Calder's Instagram, as she and her friend Max use it to coincide with their blog, after a while I thought I would check it out- I know they were running a giveaway via the app, and considering Eleanor has quite a few young women (Teenagers) following her I would presume she wouldn't be getting them to sign up to a dating app right? 

This is where I get confused, so I sign up to the app and it is definitely geared more towards dating than finding people who "like what you like", In fact it's kind of like Tinder, only I think I prefer the idea of Tinder over this- I mean with Tinder people can only message you if you actually match with them (meaning you like them and they like you) where as on Lovoo, anytime someone says they like you it seems to be classed as a "match". You can receive chat requests from literally anyone and even though I did state that I wasn't using it for dating and that I was seeing if I could use it along with my blog I STILL had men messaging me trying to hit on me- sorry to be rude but those messages were all deleted, I said I'm not there for dating so why try? Actually I got repeated messages off one user asking why I wasn't replying- personally I think it was pretty obvious. 

If it is a dating App then maybe they need to rethink their definition of "match" and like Tinder make it so that only people you actually match with are able to contact you. 
I know this sounds harsh and you are judging people solely based off looks originally before you get to know them, but they could also match you up with your likes as well, so yes you like the look of someone, but do you have anything in common? 

I'm not good with dating apps at all and I won't pretend to be, I just think there are some changes that could be made to the Lovoo app. 

And I would love to see something like this actually for bloggers, Instagram is great but pictures can get lost in a feed over time, So something like this would be interesting, especially if you were looking for other bloggers in your area,

This has been quite the ramble at 4:47am (I have a week off work with no alarms set and I still wake up ridiculously early) if anyone has stuck around to the end then I applaud you. 

If you have any opinions on the Lovoo app or anything I have mentioned in this post then do leave them in the comments :D