Ok so Polyvore has been around for quite sometime now- according to Wikipedia since 2007 which I think would be about accurate, considering I first found out about it via.... Twilight fanfiction.

Now that's out there, yes I used to like Twilight, I used to read a lot of Twilight fanfiction - in fact a few Twific authors have since gone on to write their own novels (and no I'm not talking about THAT book) although some authors have followed suit and edited Twifics and published them- The Submissive by Tara Sue Me to name one (If I remember correctly that was actually better than Master of the Universe)

Anyway moving on from that controversial topic onto how Twi-fic lead me to Polyvore. Quite often authors would describe elaborate outfits in their fanfictions so at the end they would leave a link to Polyvore showing the outfits they had mentioned, as a way to help readers envisage the outfits and as a form of creativity for themselves- not only are they writing stories but they also get to act as a stylist as well.

So around that time I think I created an account that got used maybe a handful of times and then I ended up forgetting about it as time went on, But it seems to have resurfaced just recently, I have seen more and more people using it, some of my friends among them, so eventually, I may have jumped on the bandwagon.

From what I remember the site has definitely improved, but I will be honest I don't remember it very well at all- I mean it was a long time ago now.

It is very easy to use if you are just wanting to create outfits, there are other elements to the site that I haven't look at yet as right now I just create looks that I probably/most likely can't afford, but hey they look nice.

It does look like it's mostly made up of more high end items, but I could be wrong, I haven't gone into too much depth as of yet. If it isn't an option yet, it would be nice to be able to create looks using just high street stores just as a way to show that you don't need to be spending hundreds to look good.

If you fancy wasting a good hour or so creating different outfits then I would recommend trying it out, it's always a good way to get inspiration from other people as well if you feel like you are stuck in a style rut,

If you want you can follow my account here  and from there it's easy to sign up :)

Here are a few of the looks I have created so far- faux leather jackets and ankle boots are a pretty common occurrence

If you decide to create an account leave it in the comments below so I can check you out and follow you :)