What I have been watching on Netflix

Could I have gone for a longer title?
I know most bloggers would use something like "Netflix Top Picks" but this is literally a list of everything I have been watching on Netflix lately so Top Picks isn't really accurate, although I might narrow it down at the end of the post to my top 5 :)

So let's get on to it shall we.

Currently watching:
I never really watched Charmed properly, I was way more into BtVS, but it's usually on in the canteen at work (E4 around 11am) so I decided to start watching it from the beginning. For some reason it seems to be taking longer to get through than other TV shows that I have watched, I am only midway through season 4, and while I am enjoying it, I just don't find myself binge watching it like I have with other shows. Maybe that's a good thing though- it gives me time to process what has happened in episodes instead of hopping from season to season in a matter of days.

Once Upon A Time 
The new series has hit Netflix and I am loving it, obviously I don't want to say too much because "spoilers" ;) but I will say that I am looking forward to where this season is going.

This is "based" on a young Mary Queen of Scots but it's not very accurate at all so don't watch it thinking you are getting a history lesson. There seems to be quite a lot of sex and partner swapping which I find a little odd (the excessive partner swapping, I mean one girl is regularly having sex with the king only to essentially marry his son)
If anything, the outfits the girls wear are stunning- although again not really accurate for the time period
I will keep watching to the end because I don't really like quitting mid-season but from IMDB people don't seem too keen on the 3rd season, but at the moment I'm only on season 2.

Ice Princess
I swear this is so under-rated, I honestly love this film, could be because I will watch pretty much anything if it has any of the BtVS cast in it, or the Ice Skating but I could watch this film over and over again. Although whenever I watch it I do get the urge to go Ice Skating, which is awkward when the nearest Ice Rink is at least 45 minute drive away and I generally have to rely on public transport. I would also like to add that I'm not great at Ice Skating, I can balance and that's pretty much it but when the rink is quiet I find it very soothing.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
Aside from The Little Mermaid this was one of my favourite Disney films, it's not until I rewatched it recently that I realised just how dark this film actually is, I mean Frollo sings a song about wanting to have sex with Esmerelda, not exactly child appropriate is it? Yet I still enjoy the film (and I still want Esmerelda's red dress from her performance, although maybe child me shouldn't have wanted it)

Gossip Girl
Growing up, Gossip Girl was something I had very little interest in, not sure why, It just never struck my fancy, although I did catch the odd episode here and there, I had a vague idea of what had gone on- mainly from tumblr but that was it, Eventually I decided to just do it, and I binge-watched that show SO bad, One day I watched 10 episodes in a row so it didn't take me too long to complete it.
I would say this is on my list of shows to re-watch.

I think that is pretty much it at the moment unless there is anything I have missed off.

Are there any shows you would recommend watching (on the UK Netflix as they don't have all the shows  that are available on the American Netflix)


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