Review: Makeup Revolution, I heart Makeup Lip Lava in "Firestorm"

*Takes a deep breath* I don't think technology wants to work for me lately, I had this typed up using the Blogger app on my phone at work but because it wouldn't publish, I saved it in my drafts, yet it doesn't exist in my drafts when I'm on the actual website, so now I'm re-writing the whole thing.
Which isn't too bad as there were amendments that did need making before I hit publish anyway.

So here we go.

"Firestorm" applied at 5am

Ok so where to start with this? I don't think "wow" even covers it to be honest, the colour is a stunning bright red that is slightly pink toned upon first application. 
The texture feels quite sticky at first, but that soon disappears and it settles down into a beautifully pigmented and long lasting lip colour. 

When the colour has settled down it doesn't feel drying on the lips at all, which is a huge bonus for me.

"Firestorm" at 10:19 after a 15 minute break

First of all sorry for the blurry and bad quality picture, it was hard to take this picture as there were people in and out of the locker room and we barely have room to swing a cat in there. 
As you can see it is no longer as bright as when first applied, but even after a drink, lip biting/licking, chewing there has been very little wearing on the colour, there has been a little bleeding towards my lip line but that's it. 

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a picture after my lunch but there had been very little change, only a very slight fading on the inner lip, due to the air conditioning in my work being all over the place my lips were starting to become a bit dry so I applied some lip balm over the top which helped even out the inner lip. 

"Firestorm" at 18:23pm 
Finally home after a long day and this is the end result, this is after another 15 minute break in the afternoon, including both eating and drinking, and an hour bus journey which also included drinking. 
As you can see the colour has faded to more of a pink rather thana red and the lip line is a little darker than the rest of the lip, but it's nothing that you can't get away with. 

In fact as I type this it's almost 19:30pm and I am still wearing the lipstick and it looks the same as the last picture, so after over 13 hours it's still doing pretty well, obviously it's nowhere near as intense as it was when first applied but it's definitely wearable. 

Bleeding is to be expected if you wear it for so long when eating and drinking, but keep some cotton buds on hand so you can neaten up and you're fine. 

I hope that more colours are added to this range as I was very impressed with this one. 
The I <3 Makeup Lip Lava's retail at £2.99 and can be bought from select Superdrug stores or online at the Makeup Revolution website.