The Budget Beauty Tag

I'm not sure if one of these already exists or not, I did a search but I didn't see anything, so I thought I would create my own tag. 
It's only 6 questions long.
So here we go, if anyone wants to do it then feel free to do it as a blog post or video and leave a link to it in the comments below.
1. What is your favourite budget beauty brand and why?
Makeup Revolution without a doubt, they are affordable and they have such a wide variety of choices, you can't get bored of their range.
2. What is your favourite product by said brand?
It's honestly hard to choose, palettes, lipsticks and the pink high light.
3. What is your favourite budget beauty item by another brand?
Hmm I think it has to be no 48 from the Kate Moss nude lipstick collection
4. High end or budget beauty?
Budget, all the way, I have a few high end products that I enjoy and that I would like to buy, but 98% of my collection is budget
5. Favourite store for budget beauty products?
Superdrug as that's where I can get Makeup revolution
6. Favourite Budget beauty dupe?
All of the Naked palette dupes from Makeup Revolution.
Now I tag... Anyone who wants to do it ☺