Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday

So I'm only 18 days late with this blog post- but at least the video didn't take that long to go up.
In fact if you want you can check out my vlog from the Party right here:

I don't want to go on about it too much as I kind of covered how amazing it was in  the Vlog.
But I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Adam for creating Makeup Revolution in the first place, and also Happy Birthday, here's to many many more amazing years and new products.

The party was held at the stunning "Cafe De Paris"- it's small and intimate but oh so elegant, the staircase to the dancefloor and bar area is jaw-dropping, and of course I was desperate to have a "filmstar" moment when I made my way down but I managed to refrain. Sometimes I have a flair for dramatics what can I say?

Upon our arrival we were given a stamp on our hands- I assume this is in case we left the building for any reason (cigarette break?) and needed to be allowed entrance again.
After we had made our way into the foyer of the building we had to give our names some ladies checking people off the guestlist, they then handed us a slip of paper- at first I had no idea what it was -honestly I should actually wear my glasses when I'm out, as it turned out that this "slip of paper" was our ticket to getting a gift bag at the end of the night.

As we descended the staircase we were offered complementary cocktails so naturally we accepted, I wish I had asked what they were so I could attempt to recreate them at home, we may have enjoyed a fair few cocktails and glasses of wine throughout the night ;)

Surrounding the dancefloor are booths which were used to display current products and future releases, including the STUNNING "fortune favours the brave" palette created by Jane (BritishBeautyBlogger)

Adam Minto (the man behind the company) gave a speech about the company and how far they had come in such a short time, even thanking bloggers and customers for their dedication to the brand.
After Adam gave his speech he was joined on stage by Daisie Smith a youtuber who works with MUR to announce a competition they will be running, I don't want to go into detail but you can find out more info by going to the website or using the #IAmFreedom.
After the speeches were given Adam announced that we were having a celebrity DJ in the form of......Scott Mills from Radio 1

Keep scrolling for pictures from the event:

"I helped make the Revolution" 

One of the MANY selfies of Becca and myself from the party

Makeup Revolution Table Display.

"Fortune Favours the Brave" palette

Rose Gold Lipstick Collection

Ultra Strobe Balm "Euphoria"

"Flawless 2" palette.

I <3 Makeup "I heart chocolate Vice" palette

Freedom table display

The contents of the gift bag.

I do wish I had mingled with other bloggers but unfortunately I had a case of social anxiety so I'm actually so lucky that my friend Becca was there with me. 
Who knows if I am lucky enough to attend future events I will come out of my shell more, as aside from feeling too nervous to mingle (yet I wasn't nervous enough to dance all night) I had a wonderful night, and I would like to thank Adam and the rest of the team behind Makeup Revolution not only for a wonderful evening, but also for creating a brand like MUR.