Thoughts about Youtube/Blogging

It's been a while I know, I actually have a blog post in my drafts to finish off, but I've kind of not been feeling blogging lately, it will come back to me.

But right now I just feel the need to get some things off of my chest, I was recently asked why I don't tell many people about my blog and my youtube channel and really the simple answer is because they aren't supportive of it, sure a few of my friends are "subscribed" to my channel and follow my blog, but I know they don't actually look at what I post, and in some ways that is quite disheartening, because I would want to support my friends if they found a new hobby, especially one they do enjoy doing.

My family know I vlog- well they must do, unless they think I just sit in my room and talk to myself- which essentially I am doing I guess. But they don't really "get" how much work goes into it, setting up for a video, the filming and then editing all takes a long time, I'm only doing this as a hobby so I can't even begin to imagine how it is for those people who do youtube as a job.

I have started telling a few people that I make videos, but so far only one person has actually seemed interested- in fact when she came into work today she even had a few suggestions for other videos (which are always appreciated).

Starting out in the Blogosphere and world of youtube now is already quite hard as people are so used to high quality videos all of the time with perfect lighting, so it would be nice to have the support of friends and family.

Obviously I'm not going to stop making videos or blogging, it is something I do enjoy, who knows one day I could be the next Zoella and then suddenly they might start supporting this hobby of mine (I kid, I kid, that's probably never going to happen- being the next Zoella that is) but yeah in time who knows if I keep going I could grow- or I could just stay a tiny youtuber/blogger who does this for a bit of fun.

If you stayed through to the end then I applaud you as this was just me rambling about why I've not blogged in a while- I've uploaded loads of videos so if you want to check them out then hop on over to my youtube and hey whilst you're there you should leave comments and subscribe too :P

Here's looking forward to more videos and more blog posts.