Contemplating Lip Fillers

When I was younger, I wouldn't say I was against plastic surgery, I always said I would never rule it out, but I wouldn't get anything done on a whim.

For the past few months now I have seriously been contemplating getting lip fillers, and I have now decided this is something I do want to do.

I never really noticed before but since I started blogging and taking youtube more seriously I don't like how uneven my lips are.

It's not as obvious when I'm wearing a nude lip colour, but as someone who does enjoy a bold lip (be it dark or bright) it is quite obvious how uneven they are.

It has taken me a while to finally reach the decision that this is something that I do want to do, but after watching and reading Karla Powells posts about her Lip Filler journey and Gabby's videos about getting lip fillers it has made me want to take that leap. They both seem so much more confident in themselves.

I know people say that we should love our bodies the way they are and Kylie Jenner got SO much shit for getting her lips done, but to a degree it can make you very self concious, so I can understand why people might want to alter certain aspects of themselves, besides people get tattoos and piercings- is that not also a form of altering themselves?.

Obviously this won't just happen over night as it seems to be quite expensive, and I need to look around for the best people to go to.

If anyone has had lip fillers then please do leave comments down below.


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