Places I want to visit

Lately I have been feeling, I don't know, lost, bored, like life is passing me by and I'm just *here*

I've never really been the kind of person who is content to stay in one place forever, I just want to see what else is out there, you know you see people's holiday pictures on Instagram, snapchat and holiday vlogs and you think "god I wish I was there" maybe it's a case of FOMO.

Unfortunately due to employers thinking that 20hour contracts are totally fine and people can seriously live off that (I know I shouldn't complain because hey at least I have a job and it's not a zero hour contract) but at the end of the day the minimum wage is shocking, and when you are "part time" it's not something you can really live off and have a life (I should move on from this topic as it is something that genuinely pisses me off and I could rant about it for ages)

Anyway, I plan on getting a passport soon just in case I get the chance to go on holiday at any point, so I have decided to compile a list of countries I want to visit.


This is actually somewhere I could go over a bank holiday weekend so this is quite doable, when I was a baby my grandma actually took me up for the weekend (without telling my mum so that didn't go down too well at the time)


For the longest time I have had an "obsession" with going to Ireland, maybe it's the accent (I do love an Irish accent) but it definitely is high on the places I want to go, I'm sure it's not all as picturesque as it looks in pictures but that probably applies to a lot of places, I also have a friend in Ireland who I would love to meet in person, so if I ever get the chance to go I would have to arrange to meet up with her,


Well in particular Paris, I once went many years ago with my family, but I was at that age where I was "too old" for Disney (yes 27 year old me is looking at younger me and thinking "what the hell are you on about you fool, you cannot be too old for Disney" and obviously too young to do much, so my time was spent taking photos of anything and everything (that hasn't changed, hell I probably took selfies back then too-or attempted to) But now I am older I want to go back and visit The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower (maybe have a shopping spree- hey they have a sephora and we don't) Jim Morrisons grave is also a personal must visit location. OH and of course DISNEY.


I have to generalise this as the whole country as the list would be endless if I named each state, obviously I want to go to Disneyland Florida, and Harry Potter World, Seattle (not just because of starbucks, but come on it miiight be a reason), honestly there are so many places that I would love to visit in America.


I actually have some family in Canada- although I'm not sure where they live now- I know they used to live in Ontario but oddly enough I've not been able to find any of them on facebook. It would be interesting to meet up with them as I have only ever met them once in my life, but I would also like to visit The Lockhart Bar (can you tell I like Harry Potter?) and probably hit a few of the cliche tourist spots.


I think my main reason for this is wanting to visit the Anne Frank museum (honestly it is my main question when people say they are going/have been to Amsterdam) but it also looks like a beautiful city to visit in general.

Reykjavik Iceland/ Kakslauttanen Finland:

I have put these together as they are both good places to view the Northern Lights- I fell in love with them after seeing them in a childs (animated) film years ago (obviously that is nothing compared to in real life) but since then I have always wanted to witness them in person.
Obviously there is more I would like to do in each country, so I would most likely end up visiting them on separate occasions


Ok let's be honest now, I want real Italian pizza and pasta, but I also just want to explore, it looks like such a stunning country- I am dying to see the Colosseum in person as the architecture looks amazing. 

I could sit here and add so many different countries to this list, but for now I will leave it at this, who knows maybe next year I will have been able to tick some of these off my bucket list. 

Now here's to sorting out my passport and planning some holidays for 2017, if you have visited any of these places please leave suggestions of the best places to go whilst there in the comments down below. 

Footnote: All images were found on google images.