Where have I been?

I kind of went MIA for a little while again- well I was somewhat active on snapchat and IG but in regards to blogging and Vlogging- that took a backseat again, I know I have said that I am going to put more effort in this year, and I am, so here I am back again.

Where have I been?

Well I don't want to get too much into detail but basically I wasn't really in the best place and I couldn't give vlogging or blogging the attention it needed, going to work was becoming quite hard for me- I ended up going on sick for a couple of weeks to try and sort myself out.

Oddly enough my problems have all been work related, now normally people have work related problems when they are being given too much to do and they can't keep on top of it all, for me it's been the opposite, I'm 27 years old and I want to progress from where I am right now, and despite discussing this with various managers I reached a point where I felt like I was getting nowhere with them and with my life in general, I mean what 27 year old wants to sit there and say "yay I work 20 hours a week folding t-shirts and rehanging clothing for my whole shift, such an achievement"
Don't get me wrong I know that with the way jobs are now I am lucky to have a job at all, but I am seeing no chance of progression where I am, and when it comes to applying for other jobs I feel like I've been pigeon holed in a way, when I go to interviews now I don't feel like I have enough to tell them about what I do in my current role that would help me anywhere else.

So really a lot of things have been building up for a while where I am and just realising that I'm getting nowhere in my life at the moment got me really low, I had no motivation to do anything, I was having anxiety attacks on my way into work. It wasn't a great time to be honest.

I know it all sounds very "woe is me, feel sorry for me" I mean it sounds ridiculous- but there is a lot regarding my work situation that I am leaving out/

But I'm trying to move on and I do need to put more effort into this and my youtube, so even if I can't progress where I am in work at least maybe I can make something of this hobby.

If anyone has any suggestions for blogposts or videos please do leave them in the comments.