Get to know me- 50 facts

Yet again another month has gone by without a blog post.
I swear I am beginning to lose the will to live where video editing is concerned, for some reason both Windows movie maker and Power Director have been playing up for a while now, I have tried uninstalling Power Director but now I'm having difficulty re-installing it. Windows movie maker is taking longer than it normally would to "convert" the video and let me edit. So while I have like 3 maybe 4 videos that need editing I haven't been able to do any of them.
In fact I'm almost considering buying a laptop purely for editing purposes but from the looks of it, Netbooks and Chromebooks aren't really any good for that so I'm kind of at a loss right now.
If anyone has any suggestions please do leave them in the comments down below as I do want to make more of an effort with my youtube- it just seems like technology is against me.

Any who, this isn't another "where have I been?" post, I thought I would do a quick explanation (and also ask for advice- as I type this I am doing a disk defrag on my laptop as apparently that does help so we will see...)

This post is actually one I had filmed as a video but couldn't edit it so I thought "fuck it I will post it as a blog post instead"

I may have done a similar post in the past but I thought I would do a "50 facts about me" post, these aren't in any particular order so let's just jump straight on in.

  1. I love Disney, including some of the DCOMS (this may include HSM)
  2. I am obsessed with Salted Caramel 
  3. I am also quite obsessed with Unicorns 
  4. I have had my youtube channel since 2008 although it's not always been very active
  5. I used to make the mistake of shaving my eyebrows off. 
  6. Oddly enough now they are one of the main parts of my makeup that I HAVE to do or I don't feel right. 
  7. I buy more stationery than I use. 
  8. I have done the Harry Potter Studio tour twice so far. I vlogged both of these trips so if you want to see those videos you can see them here and here
  9. Lately I have quite the "girl crush" on Velvetgh0st (Gabriella Lindley)
  10. My main celebrity crush is probably Michael Clifford 
  11. My first proper concert I went to was Sum41 in 2003 for the Sum on your face tour
  12. I decided that it was totally acceptable to pay £150 to go see One Direction for a second time last year as they decided to add No Control to the set list in the middle of the tour  
  13. Frozen grapes are my go to snack lately 
  14. I have only been abroad 3 times
  15. One of the people I admire the most is someone I met online through twilight fanfiction (she has since gone on to write her own novels) 
  16. My favourite budget makeup brand is Makeup Revolution (and Freedom as well) 
  17. I finally got to see Boyzone a few years ago and I cried during "Gave it all away" 
  18. When I get my own house I would love to convert a spare room into a library/reading den 
  19. I have my own pair of Ice Skates (although they very rarely get used) 
  20. Nearly every time I have taken a sorting hat quiz I have been sorted into Slytherin 
  21. I love reading 
  22. I am probably the worst person to share a bed with as I'm not a big sleeper 
  23. Most often than not I have a Disney song stuck in my head 
  24. I am still on my hunt for MY perfect nude lipstick
  25. I have over 100 lipsticks/lip products
  26. One of my favourite makeup artists is Karla Powell as she is extremely creative with a lot of her work. 
  27. I can't stand sprouts or mushrooms- to the point where I have to have my food made as a separate batch. 
  28. I didn't read the Harry Potter books until just before HBP came out, I made sure to binge read 1-5 so I could read Half Blood Prince and I have been hooked on them since. 
  29. I've not been my natural hair colour since April 2013
  30. I went to my interview for my current job with pastel green hair
  31. I have seen One Direction 5 times (3 times were during the OTRA tour last year) 
  32. My all time favourite perfume is "Rock & Rose" by Valentino 
  33. I \am so obsessed with Tea, I have over 20 different types
  34. I honestly wish there was a Lola's cupcakes in Leeds as I can only get one when I go down to London 
  35. At some point I would like to visit all of the Disney Resorts
  36. I have over 50 eye shadow palettes
  37. People rarely believe that I am 27 years old 
  38. I met one of my best friends on the Internet because of One Direction 
  39. While I enjoy the sun and summer I can't stand it when it's too hot. 
  40. At this moment in time I have nothing to do with my dad. 
  41. I find cleaning makeup brushes therapeutic- I will even clean my friends brushes if I see that they need doing. 
  42. I love doing makeup on people 
  43. I once managed to break a CD because I overplayed it
  44. When I was younger people used to think I looked like Lindsay Lohan 
  45. I could probably quote most of BtVS word for word 
  46. I HATE feet
  47. I adore the smell of new books
  48. I currently have 5 small tattoos but I have a list of new ones that I want. 
  49. In my life I have been told I look like Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, Nicola Roberts, Kristen Stewart, and according to children a Disney Princess 
  50. I take a LOT of selfies. 

And on that note I shall end with 2 of my latest selfies because why the hell not, self love and all that  

If you've reached the end I would love for you guys to leave a few random facts about yourselves as well.