Blogger events and anxiety

I've mentioned before that I have anxiety,which I'm trying to manage.

For the life of me I can't leave my room if someone turns up at my house and they are downstairs, I have almost cancelled plans because of this, but logically I know I can't dictate who comes to my house and where they are, so if I know I will be straight out of the door then I push myself to do it. Going to get food or a drink on the other hand? not a chance.

Anyway I have attended two blogger events so far this year, both of which terrified me but I pushed myself to attend them, don't get me wrong once I was there I had fun, and luckily I had Becca with me, I don't think I would have been able to attend either of them on my own.

The last event I attended was the launch of Makeup Obsession which was amazing, but my god you should have seen Becca and myself- we wanted to go up to talk to Adam and wish him well with the new brand, it literally took us almost 3 hours to pluck up the courage to talk to him (I think it shows in my selfie with him just how nervous I was)

Anxiety is different for every single person, in fact I have had a lot of people tell me that I don't look like I suffer with anxiety (sorry I didn't realise I needed to walk around with a label saying so) being around people I've never met or am not yet comfortable with is probably one of the worst things for me. Before both of the events I have attended I have felt physically sick, hell even at the events I had been feeling nauseous. In the past I did tend to use alcohol to give me courage to relax a bit (I'm going to say right now that, that was a huge mistake and nobody should ever do that)

The first event we attended was for the 2nd birthday of Makeup Revolution and whilst it was lovely oh my god that was nerve wracking- obviously I knew that it was going to be busy, but I don't think I realised just how busy it would get, luckily Becca and myself did sneak upstairs to sit on the balcony area for a while just to catch our breaths- we could still look down and watch the party and eventually we did go back down and rejoin the festivities- sometimes you do need to take a little time out to collect yourself and make sure you can carry on and have fun.

The launch for Makeup Obsession was a lot more intimate, just one room in a college with bloggers mingling, don't get me wrong, I wasn't able to just go up and start a conversation with someone but whilst we were at the palette customising table we did join in the conversation that was flowing.

I'm actually attending another blogger event in just over a week- the I Am Freedom Awards and then the Tam Beauty Halloween Party, yes I'm a little bit nervous, In fact I am going to be meeting one of Beccas friends who is also attending the event so I'm a little nervous about that, but hopefully things will go well.
So if you do see me at a Blogger event in the future then come up and say hi :)

I'm going to leave this blog post with a list of things I do to help with anxiety when I'm at events

  • Drink something, I've always said that ginger ale is fantastic when you feel nauseous, water works too. 
  • Go with someone you know, it's always good to know at least one other person there 
  • Take time out, just pop to the loo or something, sometimes you just need that breathing space before you can go back out there. 
  • Breathe! no honestly, I have asthma anyway so teaming that with anxiety was so not good for my first event- luckily this happened whilst we were on the balcony so nobody saw me forgetting how to breathe.
  • Push yourself- this might be controversial, I spent a long time NOT doing anything because of anxiety, but then I realised that I'm not living my life, I need to push myself to do certain things and yes it's hard, but eventually things work out. I mean the 4+ hour coach journey to London in the first place makes me jittery, more often than not whenever I have gone down to see her I have had maybe 2 hours sleep, I literally hate having to get the Tube by myself to meet Becca (I always end up with someone staring at me the whole journey) but by the time I get to her house and have a cup of tea I'm much more relaxed... Oddly enough though, whilst I can't cope with the idea of being late anywhere myself, I am used to the fact that Becca is most likely going to be late to meet me at the station, so that in itself has become routine.
  • If you're at a blogger/vlogger event then take pictures of things to include in a blog post, film whats going on around you to use in a vlog. 
  • Try to not overthink things, I know this can be hard, but try to have fun, everyone else is, and you don't want to leave thinking "well I wish I had done that" 
  • Don't compare yourself to others, again I know this is hard, but yes there may be more well known people there but they are still regular people too.
  • Again take time out when you need it, events can get very busy and start feeling quite claustrophobic so if you start to feel like this then go find somewhere to relax, I've had to do this many times even on nights out, I just pop outside if possible to get some fresh air and cool down for a bit, then I head back inside, sometimes I'll stand off to the side and just take in what's happening and then I'll rejoin the event. 
  • Eat something, from what I have seen, events do have food supplied, usually just nibbles which is ideal really.
  • Have mints/gum with you, obviously don't make it obvious that you are chewing gum as it doesn't look too appealling (even though I keep seeing countless One Direction fans swooning over videos of Harry Styles chewing gum on stage) but there is something about it that does help calm you down.
Like I said, anxiety is different for everyone so these might not work for you, but these are things that I do quite a lot to prevent myself from having an anxiety attack.
I hope you found this somewhat useful 

If anyone has anything they do to help ease anxiety at events then please do share them in the comments below.