Makeup Obsession Launch

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the newest addition to the Tam beauty family "Makeup Obsession"- you may have noticed stands popping up in select Boots stores up and down the UK.

I will admit I had to pull a few strings to attend the launch (I got the invite on Monday the 3rd and the launch was on Thursday the 6th) luckily I was allowed the time off work to attend.

If you aren't familiar with Makeup Obsession then, the easiest way to explain it is, they are a brand who are making makeup personal. I mean we all have those palettes where we love certain shades but then others remain untouched because they aren't "you". And how many times have we looked at palettes and thought "if I could put my own palette together it would be..." I know I have, and Makeup Obsession are giving us that chance.
That's my take on it anyway, or you can read the press release that was included in our goody bags just below...

The launch was held at Conde Nast college so it was fairly intimate- I think this worked a bit better for my nerves and anxiety (I will cover this in another post in the future). 

I wish I had managed to get a panoramic shot of the room when we walked in (keeping that in mind for the future), drinks and snack pots were supplied (vegan options as well I believe) as well as mini cupcakes. 

Fun fact- those mini cupcakes were iced in colours of their top sellers. 
From the two that I had the cupcakes were different flavours, the green one pictured was a standard cupcake and the red ones were chocolate chip. 

To the left as you entered there was a table set up for bloggers to have their nails painted- again in colours to match the top sellers. Unfortunately I had already had my nails done prior to the event so I didn't get mine done- although I did see a few Ladies enjoying the chance to get theirs done :).

Time for the hard part.

After deciding which palette I wanted to use to house my shades (which was also quite hard, ideally I would have gone for rose gold but that wasn't available- I imagine a lot of people would have wanted that if it had been there) I then set about choosing my 12 shades, there were 2 sides so if one side was looking a bit bare then it might have been on the other side, As soon as we found out that we would be able to make our own palettes I knew one particular shade that I wanted- the highlighter in "Moon" I had previously seen it on Instagram and had fallen in love. 
I circled the stand a good few times swapping and changing my choices until I was 100% happy with my selection. 

Time to put my custom palette together.

Oh look at that concentration as I customise my own palette, honestly though even though you can't tell by my face (I was trying to make sure everything was straight) this was so much fun to do, the atmosphere around this table (the whole room in fact) was brilliant, you would catch sight of colours other people had picked up so there was a lot of complimenting going on- Moon was definitely a popular highlight (Yes I did manage to pick it up, it was the first one I went for)
Working out what I wanted on the front of my case was quite hard- there were sticker sheets for us to use, in the end I opted for something simple- my social media handle, 2 stars and an eyeshadow brush. 
I may have accidentally picked up two of the makeup obsession stickers so one is on my laptop and the other is just floating around in the goody bag- I may actually put it into a scrapbook though.

Throughout the evening we had a DJ- I won't lie, I can't really remember any of the tracks played but they were all very upbeat and kept the atmosphere up- also I admit to taking advantage of that ring light for selfies, in fact I want one for at home (for videos of course, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know)
Of course I attended the event with Becca so naturally we took some selfies, I shall spare you them as there were a fair few. 
We finally got the chance to meet Mister Makeup himself Adam Minto, don't worry we didn't fan girl, but it was an amazing opportunity to meet the man behind my favourite makeup brands. I will be honest at first we were both terrified to go talk to him- not that Adam is scary, it was the whole anxiety thing, in the end we got talking to him because we were kind of loitering behind him trying to get the courage to step forward and he almost stepped back into us. He was genuinely lovely though, we ended up talking to him for around 10 minutes (maybe more) about Makeup Obsession and my love for Makeup Revolution and Freedom, but alas I did have to get over to Victoria coach station for my coach back to Leeds as I had to be back in work the day after.

Bottom left without flash, bottom right with flash

And here we have my finished palette, I decided to go for 8 eyeshadows, 2 highlights and 2 contour shades (the contour shades are both the same shade but one is powder the other is cream) 
from L-R we have: 
Lucky Charm, Chroma, St Tropez, Emerald Fizz, 
Rapture, Hypnotic, Metal, Treasure, 
Moon, Bare, Contour powder & cream contour are both in Light.

And now for the important part... the swatches.
Left no flash, right with flash.
working from the bottom to the top we have:
Lucky Charm, Rapture, St Tropez, Emerald Fizz, Hypnotic, Treasure, Chroma, Metal

Left no flash, right with flash 
L-R: Moon, Bare, Powder contour in Light, Cream contour in Light
I did layer up the highlight shades for these pictures but they still look amazing, Bare looks like it would work on any skin tone, Moon could work on any skin tone as well but I think this would be amazing for us pale people (most highlighters seem to be towards the gold end and that doesn't really suit me so Moon is just stunning)

I have been using this palette every day since I got it and I am still in love, I cannot get over how amazing Moon is. 
I can 100% say that I will be purchasing another palette to build up in the future as there were so many shades that I would love to have picked up, "New York" is the main one, a stunning Raspberry pink.

Now for the prices- the cases range from £5- £8, you can get a 6 space palette or 12 and the refills cost as little as £2 for the eye shadows and then £3 for the blush/Highlight/Contour shades.
If you go to the beauty emporium in Boots (where you will find Makeup Obsession) you can actually have your palettes engraved, so it makes this such a wonderful idea for a present for someone. 
The refills pop in and out so when you run out of one shade it's a lot easier to go repurchase that one and pop the new one back in instead of buying a new palette. 

Be sure to follow Makeup Obsession on their social media accounts