Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit: Reign

It's been a while since I last posted a review but I recently picked up some new releases from Makeup Revolution so I thought I would share my thoughts on them.

I first found out about these quite a while ago now so I have been keeping an eye out for these (my local superdrug has had the POS for them since November)

Yes that's right Makeup Revolution have released their very own lip kits- the kits contain a liquid-Matte lipstick and matching lip liner, and they only cost £6... yes that's right £6. 
Now I've never tried the Kylie lip kits but let's be honest, these are probably a dupe of them, 

So far the range consists of 5 shades- Noble, Regal, Reign, Grandee & Glory. 
At the moment I only have Regal and Reign, I can't find Noble anywhere, Glory is on my "to buy" list and I'm sure I will eventually pick up Grandee as well. 
Also they are going to be releasing some metallic lip kits in the future so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for them.

As with all Liquid-Matte lipsticks it is important to use a lip scrub to get rid of dry flaky patches and then apply a balm and let that sink in first, because at the end of the day matte lipsticks ARE drying, and if you have dry flaky lips then it's not going to look good- my favourite balm is the Nuxe "Reve De Miel" it's considered pricey at around £10 a pot but it lasts a long time, and it makes my lips feel so soft- although I would like to point out that this one should probably be applied right at the start of doing your makeup as it takes a while to sink in properly and I have found that liquid-matte lipsticks don't sit well on top of it. 

Today I am going to review Reign, as you can see I have taken a picture both with and without flash, it is definitely a lot more pink toned in person, but not as pink as Grandee, it's a subtle nude pink- in fact I may use this one on the day of my sisters wedding; at first I wasn't too sure if the colour suited me, but after wearing it and taking a million selfies it grew on me very quickly. 

The lip pencil is a very creamy texture and it just glides on the lips- normally I would apply a lip liner all over my lips and then top it off with the lipstick, but I found that this actually makes the lipstick very tacky and personally that's not something I enjoy, so once I took it off and reapplied having just lined the outside of my lips and filled in with the liquid lipstick I enjoyed the product much more. 
The lipstick itself applies so smoothly and it's so easy to get a perfect edge.

The packaging, well Adam is just killing it with the rose gold at the moment, honestly I actually squealed a little when I saw that the cap was rose gold. 

As for longevity, oh my god you wouldn't even believe it, I mentioned that I had to take it off to reapply, I literally scrubbed at my lips with a baby wipe (normally velvet lip lacquers come off SO easily with a baby wipe) it barely budged, so I got a new baby wipe and put some makeup remover on that, it still took a bit of scrubbing but eventually it started to budge- I found that holding the baby wipe over the area helped break it down a little enough to start removing it. 

While I don't have any pictures from later in the day, I can tell you that it held up through drinking a bottle of water, eating chips, eating a slice of cake and having a cup of tea, in fact it remained even after my nephew decided to throw himself at me and smashed his arm into my lips (there may have been a lipstick mark on his jumper after that... ooops) but the product was still mostly on my lips, it even held up after I attacked my youngest nephew with kisses. 

So I mean when you look at the main points here...
Packaging- Amazing
pigmentation- Amazing
Ease of application- Yes
Longevity- Definitely

It has them all, I'm not sure if it would pass the ultimate smooch test or not though, I mean sure it would definitely stay on, but would a kissing partner think it feels dry or not? 

All in all, I think I might love this product, I can't wait to get hold of the other colours, and I am eagerly anticipating the release of the metallics. 
I will be reviewing Regal soon so keep an eye out for that.