Freedom Brow Pomade Review

Since I am nearly at the end of my third pot... yes that's right third pot of this I thought I would finally review it.

Yes my eyebrows are uneven- it is so annoying but hey it is what it is

As you can see I am lacking in the brow department- they are a tiny bit more noticeable in person but only barely so I definitely need help with them. 
I have gone from powders to pencils to brow mascaras and I just didn't like any of them, so when I found out that Freedom were bringing out a brow pomade I had to try it out. Little did I know it would become my HG brow product. 
The pot is only £5 and contains 2.5g worth of product and it lasts for ages. 
There are only 2 downsides to this product- 1 is that it doesn't come with a brush so you will need to purchase one yourself (but the Makeup Revolution brow pomade does have a brush so if you can get hold of that I assume they will be pretty much identical since they are both from TAM beauty) and 2. the blonde is a little too dark but it's the lightest colour shade they do, I do combat this by mixing the aqua seal in- it makes the product a little thinner and it applies lighter (and makes it last longer too)

I know I don't have amazing brows and they aren't "on fleek" (do people still say that?) but after years of having horrendous brows this has been a game changer for me, I can't see myself using any other product on my brows now. 

So if you can't get to grips with powder, pencil or brow mascara and you know you can't afford the ABH brow pomade then I definitely recommend trying this out. 

The shade range is probably better for those with darker hair- there might be one shade that works well with ginger hair- but I think it depends on the shade of ginger you have, it's worth checking out though and as I mentioned there is the Makeup Revolution brow pomade for £6 as that includes a brush. 

The brow pomades can be purchased in selected superdrug stores, on the superdrug website and also on TAMbeauty


  1. Totally amazing the difference this makes,love the way you have created brows from such fine blonde hair to beautiful brows,really makes you eyes stand out so much more hun xx♥xx

    1. Ahh thank you ♥ I swear this product has actually saved my brows because before I started using it they always looked terrible lol xx


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