Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit: Regal

Since I've already reviewed the Lip Kit in Reign I thought I would do a review for Regal.

When I first saw these in store I couldn't quite work out what kind of shade Regal was- the sticker made it look like a muted brick red, but the lips on the front looked quite dark. But since I am a sucker for Makeup Revolution I knew I would end up wanting to buy it.

Left is with Flash, Right is without (and for some reason very blurred)

Needless to say I was not disappointed, 
Now I have a LOT of red lip products, and I genuinely don't think I have one anything like this. It's quite bold yet not completely "in your face" 
Also I have seen it on a fellow Blogger and it looked almost like a pinkish red on her- as you can see it works on different skin tones. 

Freshly applied on the left, and at the end of the day on the right. 

I never actually apply my lipstick first thing on a morning- I usually wait until just before I start work, so in the picture on the left hand side that will have been applied at around 11:30am, and the picture on the right was probably taken around 8pm- with no touch ups, and many many cups of tea. 
As you can see there is only a small amount of fading in the centre throughout the day and a little blurring on the outer corners. 
I imagine that if you were to eat greasy food then it would break down and fade away quicker because of the oil but in general I would say it's quite long lasting. 
Unfortunately both the lighting at work and in my bedroom on an evening are shocking (side note- I am looking into a ring light so if anyone has recommendations please do let me know). 
Like with Reign I did find that this had a sticky texture to it- nothing off putting and it didn't move when I ran my finger over my lips, if you don't like the sticky feeling then you could try applying a powder over the top- I have done that with a highlighter before and it looked stunning. 

Makeup Revolution have since gone on to release the metallic lip kits and the lip gloss kits too- personally I'm not sure I will be getting the glosses as I'm not sure what I think of the shade options available right now, however I am wanting to get hold of all of the metallics and a few more from the matte collection, so far I have got Reign, Regal and Glory. 

While I haven't tried any of the Kylie Lip Kits so I can't comment on whether they are actual dupes, I think it's pretty safe to say these kits were definitely inspired by hers. And at £6 each I would say they are worth trying out. 

These Lip kits are available to buy from Superdrug in the UK, Ulta in the US and TamBeauty worldwide. 

If you want to read my review on Reign you can find it HERE