Kat Von D Vs Makeup Revolution "scandal"

I'm going to try and not bitch about Kat too much as I used to like her, but as the years have gone by I've kind of grown tired of her. But ignoring that personal opinion, I'm going to give my thoughts on her post about Makeup Revolution copying her Shade & Light palette.

So I'm sure everyone knows about this by now, yesterday morning (for us in the UK) we woke to see a rather harsh (in my opinion) post by Kat on Instagram.

Now to an extent I can see where she is coming from, but I do think she is targeting the wrong people here, there is a market for dupes for a reason.
People in the UK were asking for a dupe of the Shade & Light palette because KVD makeup isn't the easiest to get hold of over here, they are stocked in Debenhams... but it seems to be online only. Sorry but I know I for one refuse to pay so much for something that I can't even swatch in store.
Not only that but again we have the issue that not everyone can afford to be shelling out ££££ for one palette.

The only things MUR have "copied" is the fact that they have used similar shades (but even then you can still see there is a difference in them), the layout is very similar and ok the name is pretty much the same. But the packaging is completely different, if they had copied that then I would definitely understand Kat's issue as she IS very artistic and to have something that you had spent so much time and effort designing copied would be hurtful.

Now I've not actually used the Makeup Revolution Light & Shade palette simply because I have a LOT of other neutral palettes that I would choose over this- So really is the KVD palette all that special after all? It's just a palette of matte neutral shades that people probably already have in various other palettes.

In a world full of legitimate FAKES (and boy does that sound strange to say) should we not be targeting them instead of a high street brand trying to make beauty affordable? There are people on eBay, probably on market stalls, selling items that claim to be the real deal and look 100% legit but then you get home to find out that it's not the real thing at all. (Sofia's mummy uk on youtube did a brilliant video about this so I shall embed that for you to watch)

No offence to Kat and other more expensive brands but TAM beauty are just out there proving that you don't HAVE to pay extortionate amounts to look good.
Chances are- the people who buy Kat's products may have more disposable income than those who choose to buy Makeup Revolution.

Now I shall leave this here. But the comments are open for discussion.