Pray for Manchester

Where to start...

I am lost for words.
I have been to many concerts, a few of them completely on my own and given it no thought.
My first and last (at this present time) concerts were both at the Manchester Arena.
I have many fond memories there.
And this morning, like many I woke to news of an attack- and I felt sick to my stomach.

To target a venue where you know the audience is going to be young women, young men, children- people who may have been attending their first concert, something they had been looking forward to for months. It's sickening.
I myself had two friends attending Ariana's concert last night, they were among the lucky ones to get out, but my heart is breaking for the family and friends of those who didn't survive.
The fact that an 8 year old girl was one of those who didn't, reduced me to tears.
My facebook feed has been full of pictures and videos, hearing the explosions go off on a video chilled me to the bone- I cannot begin to fathom how those in attendance actually felt.
Along with videos and pictures, I have also seen reports of the people of Manchester coming together to help those that need it, be it shelter for the night, taxi firms and bus companies allowing people to travel free of charge, Hotels opening their doors for people- it may not sound like much but in moments like these it is huge.

I wish I had something of importance to say, or something that would help.
But like many I'm still coming to terms with this and needed to get my thoughts out.
People all over the country (the world most likely) are trying to not let hate and fear win, this morning a woman told me that God and Jesus love me- even as a non Religious person I still appreciated what she said.
All I know is that my heart goes to out all of those affected by what happened last night.

Just a few things I would like to add on here:


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