Where have I been? 2017 goals revisited.

I will be honest, I thought it had been a fair while since my last blog post, luckily it's only been a couple months... and then I think there was roughly a 2 month gap between that one and the one previous.
I did intend to post more often but much like with youtube, I sort of slipped- although with youtube, I did have videos to edit and then when it came to saving the finished product there was always an error and it wouldn't work so a lot of them got scrapped.
I've not really "been" anywhere, Life just got in the way a little so I'm working on balancing things out bit better, although at the moment things are a little up in the air as I am currently staying in a hotel due to a house fire...

As it's been a couple of months, a few things have changed in that time.

At the beginning of the year I did a 2017 goals post  so let's see how I am doing on them...

  • Put more time and effort into blogging/Youtube-  Well I mean I sort of have, kind of, I do hope to be able to going forward, I know people do say that it's better to have a schedule like once or twice a week on certain days, and I can work with the certain days aspect, but I can't definitely say it will be twice a week. I need to be realistic.
  • Get back in shape and improve my diet-  This has been the biggest change really, I have started going to a Bootcamp twice a week and then a HIIT session on a wednesday night, so I'm now doing proper work outs 3 times a week and I have improved my diet- I am trying out Herbalife and personally I like it and I have found that I have more energy throughout the day since starting taking the shakes and Tea.
  • Start cooking proper meals- I used to grab meal deals from Boots every day (granted I would go for the "healthier" option) and not only was it taking up so much of my wage £3+ 5 days a week all month adds up y'know and I was finding that my weight was just going up and up, So since starting Bootcamp and Herbalife I have started making meals on a morning/the night before, at the moment it's just been salad with grilled chicken and avocado but I'm enjoying it- whoever says salads are boring is doing it wrong. 
  • Travel more-  I haven't actually travelled anywhere in a while, but now my sister has moved I will be travelling up to see her at some point. 
  • Start my driving lessons- Still haven't started on this yet, even though I know I need to, I have been looking into potential instructors though. 
  • Start saving,- I haven't been saving, even though we are now in July and I do want to at least start thinking about christmas presents soon, I might buy a couple presents a month though just to get me started. 
  •  Read more- Ok no, I lied up there on the second point. THIS has been the biggest change, last year I barely read anything, so this year I made it my goal to read I think 11 books by the end of the year (I did this using the Goodreads reading challenge) I changed it to 25 when I realised I was close to my target.... since then I have gone on to surpass my goal, I'm currently on my 35th book of the year. I actually put this down to getting hooked (and I mean hooked) on the Shadowhunters books by Cassandra Clare
  • Try more DIY projects- I have started another scrapbook for 2016 and 2017 so I will be working on filling that up, I have a lot of pins saved on pinterest that I want to try out at some point too so at some point I will be working through them.
  • Attend more Blogger/Vlogger events- This isn't the easiest goal to achieve as blogger events are invites only, you can't just turn up to them, so the only way I would be invited to events is if I put more time and effort into blogging/vlogging, I know Blogosphere holds events throughout the year that you can get tickets to, so I will look into those at some point. 
  •  get back in the dating game- I swear this will never change, I have tried dating apps, but I haven't "found" anyone, I have had conversations with guys on them before but nothing has gone further than a few messages like "hey how are you?" so I think I am going to have to leave this and if something ever happens then it is what it is. 
  • New job- again like with dating then this is something that will happen when it happens, I do want a job that is better financially, but lately I haven't really been looking. All I know is I don't really wan to be stuck in the same job forever. 

  • So there we have it, there are some goals that I have been working on, and others not so much, but we still have 5 months of the year left so who knows what could happen in that time.